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Embark on a transformative journey at Carolina Recovery Solutions, where hope is rekindled, and recovery becomes a reality. Our Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Asheville, NC, is a beacon of comprehensive care, designed to empower individuals on their path to freedom from substance dependence.

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Why Choose Carolina Recovery Solutions in Asheville, NC for Continuing Addiction Treatment

Carolina Recovery Solutions in Asheville, NC, distinguishes itself by collaborating with esteemed peers in the field of addiction treatment to ensure clients begin their recovery journey with the best possible start. Unlike facilities that manage the entire spectrum of addiction recovery in-house, Carolina Recovery Solutions specializes in providing exceptional care post-detox. Here’s a closer look at why this approach sets them apart.

Partnering for Detox Success

Understanding the pivotal role of a well-managed detox in the journey towards recovery, Carolina Recovery Solutions refers clients to trusted peers for detox services. This strategic collaboration ensures that clients receive highly specialized detox care tailored to their specific needs. Following a successful detox, clients return to Carolina Recovery Solutions to embark on the next phase of their recovery, equipped with a solid foundation for the comprehensive addiction treatment services that Carolina Recovery Solutions expertly provides.

A Tailored Approach to Post-Detox Care

At Carolina Recovery Solutions, the focus is on delivering personalized addiction treatment services designed to address the holistic needs of each client. Their program emphasizes the psychological, emotional, and social facets of recovery, incorporating individual counseling, group therapy, and life skills training to support clients in building a sustainable recovery. This bespoke approach ensures that each client’s path to recovery is as unique as their experiences, fostering a nurturing environment that promotes healing and growth.

Expertise and Compassion: The Hallmarks of Our Staff

The success of Carolina Recovery Solutions is significantly attributed to its team of dedicated professionals. This team is not only highly qualified but also deeply committed to supporting clients through their recovery journey. Their expertise in the latest evidence-based practices in addiction treatment, combined with a compassionate approach, ensures that clients receive the highest standard of care. This blend of professionalism and empathy creates a supportive atmosphere where clients feel valued and understood.

Continuing Care: Beyond Detoxification

Recognizing that detox is just the first step in overcoming addiction, Carolina Recovery Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to address the complexities of addiction. The facility’s commitment to providing ongoing support is evident in its wide range of programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of its clients. From therapeutic interventions to educational and vocational services, the facility is dedicated to equipping clients with the tools they need for lasting recovery.

The Unique Role of Carolina Recovery Solutions

By focusing on post-detox care, Carolina Recovery Solutions plays a unique role in the addiction treatment landscape. This approach allows the facility to hone its expertise in supporting clients through the critical phases of recovery that follow initial detox, emphasizing long-term healing and relapse prevention. Partnering with leading detox providers ensures that clients receive comprehensive care from detoxification through to long-term recovery support.

In summary, Carolina Recovery Solutions stands out for its collaborative approach to addiction treatment, emphasizing the importance of specialized detox services followed by personalized, comprehensive care. This model ensures that clients have access to the full spectrum of support necessary for successful recovery, making Carolina Recovery Solutions a trusted choice for those seeking to reclaim their lives from addiction.


Drug Detox FAQ's

The duration varies depending on factors such as the type of substance, individual health, and the severity of addiction. On average, detox may last from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Our detox programs cover a wide range of substances, including but not limited to opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and more. Each program is tailored to address the specific challenges associated with the substance in question.

While some discomfort is normal during detox, our experienced staff is adept at managing pain and discomfort. Medications and supportive therapies are employed to alleviate symptoms and enhance the overall comfort of the individual.

Carolina Recovery Solutions stands out due to our personalized approach, experienced and compassionate staff, evidence-based practices, and a focus on long-term recovery. Our commitment to inclusivity and community support further distinguishes us in the field.

Post-detox support is a crucial part of our continuum of care. This may include ongoing counseling, therapy, and assistance in transitioning to further treatment options, ensuring that individuals have the necessary support for sustained recovery.

Why Choose Carolina Recovery Solutions

Holistic Approach to Healing

Our commitment to holistic healing sets us apart. We view recovery as a journey encompassing the mind, body, and spirit, and our programs reflect this comprehensive perspective.

Experienced and Caring Team:

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who are not only experts in their respective fields but also compassionate individuals dedicated to guiding you through the recovery process.

Individualized Care Plans

Your journey is unique, and so is your care plan. Our individualized approach ensures that every aspect of your rehab experience is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Aftercare Support

Recovery is an ongoing process. Our aftercare support ensures that individuals have access to continued guidance, counseling, and resources as they transition back to their daily lives.


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"Thanks to all the Carolina Recovery Solutions staff (Jordan, Jessie, Beka Mrs.Freeda Avararez, Jeremy, Mackenzie, Patrick, both Garys, both Andrews, Dustin, Dalyu, Kerry) I have been in treatment before but nothing like Carolina Recovery. My life has changed forever. I love you all for life. Carolina Recovery Solutions is beyond treatment, its family, love, and more than I can write. I love yall for life"

"Great program, nothing bad to say about it at all, great staff, very caring and ready to help at all cost.. one of the best recovery programs I've been to. It's really helped me figure out that it is possible to overcome my addiction. Thank you all for just being real, that's something I can always respect is when they are real and honest."

"If you are needing help I highly recommend Carolina Recovery Solutions! I have seen it grow so much and the work they have put into their program is amazing. Everyone who works there has such a passion for recovery and helping their clients. Their goal is to help lead their clients on the path of success and take their life back. I can confidently say they have achieved that plus so much more."

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